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Wilson Ultra 103S

Posted in Product Reviews Written by Mark Avedikian on Wednesday, 13 April 2016.

Wilson Ultra 103S

The Ultra 103 S was a dream to hit with on groundstrokes. The shape of the head is not quite as round as the Steam 105S that I have been currently using, both have the 16/15 pattern but the mains of the Ultra 103S are millimeters closer together, giving you the same spin production with a tad bit lower trajectory. I felt I could flatten the ball out when needed and still have some semblance of control, still this frame is not geared to flat hitting in general, it is for aggressive topspin or the savvy slicer and dicer. The cushion foam handle made the frame feel more solid than the previous Juice line and it did not feel as stiff as the Juice 100S. My test sample had Lux element and while I loved the playability of the string, it did lose its ability to snap back in to position rather quickly. After 2 hrs the strings needed to be straightened a bit, not like a multi but I get longer wear out of 4G or Kirshbaum pro line X.

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